My Pre-Makeup Skincare Routine

Hey! Before I start the article I want to give you a little blog update 🙂

You might have noticed that last week my article was only available in English and not in Dutch, that’s because the article was simply too long and adding another language would only make it longer. Additionally, ever since I started my blog I’ve been in doubt whether or not it should be bilingual. So, after last week’s article was received rather well, even though it was only in English I thought I should let you girls and guys decide via a pool in my Instagram stories. The poll ended with 30% that voted for bilingual and 70% for solely English and therefore, for the next month or so I’ve decided to only publish my articles in English as another little test and see how my stats will be further affected by this. Of course, if they are not badly affected my future, future blog posts will be in English and otherwise also in Dutch. I hope you don’t mind!

So, now, let me tell you about the current skincare products that I have been using in order to prepare my skin for makeup. This is not my everyday routine, but the steps that I follow when I want make makeup apply as gorgeous as possible!


Of course my skincare routing starts with cleansing my face and I like to use two products for this. First I use the 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner by Nivea as this gently cleans the skin while also hydrating it. Then I like to follow with the Clinique pep-start Double Bubble mask, which cleans the skin deeper and makes the skin look beautiful, glowy and even. Read my review of this product here. As I mention in that article you don’t really need to have this product for your everyday life, but it is a great addition to your skincare routine if you want to make your makeup look (near) flawless.

Moisturize baby 

After cleansing my face it is time to apply moisturizer, and again I don’t just use one product, this time there are three. I start with moisturizing my face with the Olaz in Dutch, but Olay in English Double Action Day Cream & Primer for sensitive skin. I don’t really see this cream as a primer, but it hydrates my skin very well.

The second moisturizer is the Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm, this I naturally apply under the eyes. However, on some days my eyelids tend to feel rather dry, on these days I also apply a bit of this balm on the lids.

Additionally, since my lips can get dry very fast I like to hydrate them before I apply any lipstick on them. Recently, I’ve been liking the lip balm by Burt’s Bees as I have the feeling that they are one of the lip balms that actually hydrates my lips for a decent amount of time.

Priming the canvas

I know, priming isn’t really skincare. However, I don’t see it as makeup either. I guess it is somewhere in between, but since it is an important step in creating an amazing base for makeup I thought I should mention the two products that works the best for me.

Of course, for my face I use my trusty Hangover Primer by Too Faced. I have the feeling that I already talked about this product soooooo many times on my blog. But yeah, since my skin tends to be lightly dry, this is an awesome primer as it hydrates my skin while also creating a base that makes my makeup last longer!

The last step of this routine concerns priming my eyelids in order to make eyeshadow look a bit brighter and most importantly make it last longer. Lately, I’ve been using the Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly and I really like it! And that is not just because of the packaging, but also because it prevents my eyeshadow from creasing and it simply looks better for a longer amount of time.

That was my pre-makeup skincare routine! Which product(s) do you love to apply before your makeup?

Love Life,


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