A Little Lush Haul


Earlier this week I asked on Instagram whether you would want to see a little Lush haul on the blog this weekend and the poll received a 100% yes vote! Your wish is my command 😀

I love taking a bath, but sadly during my exchange I wasn’t able to regularly take a bath. Now that I’m back home I can, so I decided to treat myself to some bath products from Lush! I didn’t go as crazy as I wanted to, because…well €€€€€€€€. But I did buy 6 products.

One of the products that I bought is a Bubble Bar called The Comforter. This is btw the only product that I got that I’m familiar with. The rest of the products I’ll be trying out for the first time 🙂 The Comforter is definitely a favorite of mine! I love the sweet fruity scent and it creates great bubbles. Moreover, you can make a very nice bath with only a small piece of this product and therefore you can use it for quite a while!

The latter is also the reason why I bought the Bubble Bar called Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds  to try out, because as you can tell from the photos it is a very similar product. This bar smells very different compared to the other one as it is made with the use of incense oil, cinnamon leaf oil and patchouli oil. Probably not everyone would like this scent, because of the earthy and spicy tones, but I think it will make a very relaxing bath.

Then, I also bought two Bath Bombs. The first one that I want to mention is the Avobath. This Bath Bomb, among other things, contains avocado oil and the oil of lemon grass. It smells very nice, fresh and well like lemon grass haha. The product is supposed to leave your skin hydrated, so I will use this when my skin feels dull and/or dry.

The other Bath Bomb that I got is the Yellow Submarine, which yeah I just had to buy because of the submarine like shape. Just like the previous Bath Bomb it smells really nice and fresh. Can’t wait to use it 😀

The last product that I bought is the Green Coconut Jelly Bomb. I’ve been wanting to try the Jelly Bombs for a while now and I got this one, because I loooooooooooove coconut. The coconut cream that is in the product should hydrate your skin and the cinnamon oil is there to calm you down. Sounds like a great way to relax!

Moreover, I received the Woosh Shower Jelly as a sample. The Shower Jellies seem like a bit of a weird concept to me, but it smells like lemon and mint, which is quite nice so I’m curious to see if I will like the concept after trying it out.

I will probably be posting videos or pictures from the bath water on instagram/instagram stories. So if you want to see how these products will turn out don’t forget to follow me there, if you don’t do it already!

Love Life,

Maxime ♥

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