Beauty Empties: Reviews & Regrets

Hey beautiful people!

My last beauty empties was pretty well received, so I cleaned up my makeup cabinet a bit and collected the products that I emptied out to write another one. And I finally have enough makeup items to talk about!

First things first, primer! And I haven’t emptied out one, nor two, but THREE primers! Lol

I’ll start with my favourite and probably the most obvious one and that is the Hangover Primer by Too Faced. This is my holy grail primer, I seriously can’t do my makeup without it. So yeah I already bought a new one! 😀

I also used up a mini Glowstarter by GlamGlow (review). If you’ve read my review on this you know that I really like how it makes my skin glow, however It doesn’t hydrate my skin, even though that is the promise. I personally would not buy this again, because of this. Plus I prefer the First Light Primer Filter by Becca (review), which gives my skin a gorgeous glow, moisturizes and smells so much better than the Glowstarter.

Finally, I used up the InstaBlur primer by The Body Shop. This is a silicon type of primer and is used to fill the pores and make your skin look smoother. And I do believe that this primer does that. However, it can make my foundation a bit flaky and I’m just not a big fan of these type of primers. Even though, I think this is an okay product, I wouldn’t buy it again.

After primer comes foundation! The Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer is the first high end foundation I ever bought and I finally finished it haha. This foundation looks absolutely gorgeous when my skin is nicely hydrated. It can get rather cakey looking otherwise and sometimes the packaging leaks a bit… However, it lasts pretty good through out the day and it full coverage without feeling heavy! So this makeup product definitely has some good pros and cons. I kinda want to repurchase it, but at the same time I have the feeling that I should buy a foundation that (hopefully!) looks better when my skin is a bit dry. 😦

Then, the Amber Passion eyeshadow palette from Primark… I’m a sucker for eyeshadows, but this formula is terrible (read my review for the details). I’m not gonna buy Primark makeup anytime soon.

The second to last makeup product is the clear eyebrow gel by Chella. I think this is a great product. But I feel like I used this product up in a very short amount of time and since it costs $20 dollars I’m not sure if I would buy it again in the next couple of months. Moreover, at the moment I really want to try out the clear eyebrow gel by Benefit Cosmetics.

And finally, the All Nighter Setting Spray by Urban Decay, in its original packaging. Great product! I definitly recommend it, however I’m currently enjoying the Hangover Primer Primer + Setting Spray by Too Faced. Nevertheless, I might repurchase this setting spray when I run out of the one by Too Faced.


Love Life,


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