Book Review: Domina by Lisa S. Hilton


It has been a while. January was a weird and busy month. Trying to have a social life while also working and being in the process of graduating has been hard. I hate that I haven’t been posting on here. But I will try my absolute best to post weekly again after I got a burst of inspiration over the weekend.

This first article after my hiatus (is I guess the best name) is something you are not used to; a book review. I love to read! And I find that it is finally time to incorporate this passion into my blog. I hope you like it! Otherwise there will probably be an article that is beauty related on the blog next week šŸ™‚

So, Domina by Lisa S. Hilton is the second book of a trilogy. But let me summarize the first book briefly (spoilers not included).

It all starts when Judith discovers that the auction house she works at, called British pictures, is selling fake paintings and therefore she is fired. Luckily, she has a job as hostess at a posh nightclub to fall back on. A rich older men, who is a regular customer at the nightclub, asks her to join him on a little getaway in Southern France. However, Judith could not enjoy the getaway for long as the men dies…. Judith flees and finds a way to get her revenge on British pictures.


Domina starts in Venice, where Judith has opened her own art gallery.  Or should I say Elisabeth? As she has taken on a new identity. Nevertheless, she is enjoying the life she always wanted. Until her past catches up with her. Someone knows about the gruesome things that Judith did to get the money she needed to open her art gallery. Judith is being blackmailed, and can only safe herself by retrieving a painting. However, she does not believe that this painting exists. Judith faces an enemy more powerful and more ruthless than she ever imagined.

I personally find that Domina was not as much of a thriller as Maestra (first book). Of course it has certain elements of a thriller, but it does not excite me. I do think that Domina is a nice follow up to Maestra storywise.

However, the Domina reads very different compared to the first book. Judith actually comes across as a different person. In addition, Lisa Hilton adapted her writing style and not in a good way. This makes it incredibly hard to get back into the story a long with actually enjoying it. Maestra shows Judith as an ambitious young women that happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not that much later in the book you discover that she is not as nice as you think and Judith becomes an anti-heroine. While in Domina you learn more about Judith’s past and you start to understand why her thoughts and actions are darker than the person. It gives the character an extra dimension and is one of the few things that I actually enjoy about this story.

Even though, I am kinda curious to read how this story ends in the third book called Ultima, I don’t recommend to read the second book. If I had to score it 1 to 5 stars, I would give it 2 full stars. I enjoyed the storyline, but it is definitely not well written. The difference in writing style is so confusing!

I am currently reading Mythos by Stephen Fry. But will definitely read Ultima later this year. Then I will tell you whether it is worth reading the whole trilogy or if you should only read Maestra!

I hope you liked this article! It was fun, but also very different to write, which made it a bit difficult. If you have any tips or feedback on what you would like to read in a book review, leave a comment below or contact me via Instagram! Or if you have any book tips or requests, please let me know šŸ˜€

Love life,


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