HEMA Beauty Must-haves


I have been working as an Intern within the HEMA Beauty department since September 2018, which has reignited my appreciation for affordable beauty products. There are loads of HEMA products that I like, however I picked out my absolute favorite skin care and makeup items for this post!


Let’s start with makeup.

My skin tends to be dry and therefore, face oils are a lifesaver. The Master prime oil within the B.A.E. collection hydrates really well and makes my foundation look healthy and dewy! It takes some time to sink into the skin, so after I use a day cream I apply the primer and while this sinks in I do my eye makeup.

When my skin is really dry in the evening I like to apply this oil before I go to bed 🙂


I use the Eyebrow gel in Brown, almost every day on its own or with the Precisely my  brow in 03 by Benefit Cosmetics. It does what an eyebrow gel should do, however I adore it because its a thin gel and has a slight tint to it.

Normally I am not a fan of cream products, but this highlighter stick is so gorgeous that I have to mention it. For application I like to use the fingertip of my index finger. I rub the highlight on my fingertip to warm up the product and this makes the highlight blend really nicely.


This highlighter is 03 Stellar shine and gives the skin a beautiful glow with a subtle hint of purple! I hope you can see the swatch in the picture below.


The last makeup item that I find an absolute must have are the Soft Matt Lipbalms. They are creamy, pigmented, last about 4 hours and do not dry out my lips. Do I need to say more?

I own the Soft Matte Lipbalm in 16 (red) and 11 (nude).


Skin care!

I love lip scrubs, but the lip scrub by HEMA in Peach is my favorite. Why? Well the taste, and the fact that it gently scrubs the lips are a couple of reasons. But I also really like that it comes in a stick and not in a jar, because I find lip scrubs that come in a jar rather messy.


I love the #Nofilter Scrub Stick with bamboo and fruit extract to clean out the pores on my t-zone and chin. It helps so well against blackheads and makes my pores less visible! I use it twice a week and absolutely adore it!

The last product I need to mention is the Beauty Sleep mask with lactic acid and grape seed oil. The mask removes dead skin cells and helps with repairing the skin. When you apply the mask the lactic acid immediately starts to work and this might feel a bit uncomfortable. However, this feeling fades quickly, so don’t worry! The morning after applying the mask, my skin feels so so so soft. Plus my complexion looks clear and dewy!


Have you ever tried HEMA beauty products?

And if so, what is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

Love Life,


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