Book club Review: Mythos by Stephen Fry


I love to read, but don’t do it nearly enough. I finished reading Mythos and here is my review.

Mythos is written by Stephen Fry, who is a famous British comedian, actor, tv-host and author.

On the back of the book it is stated that “In Stephen Fry’s vivid retelling we gaze in wonder as wise Athena is born from the cracking open of the great head of Zeus, and follow doomed Persephone into the dark and lonely realm of the Underworld. We shiver when Pandora opens her jar of evil torments and watch with joy as the legendary love affair between Eros and Psyche unfolds. Mythos captures these extraordinary myths for our modern age – in all their dazzling and deeply human relevance”.

And if you ask me that is a pretty good description.

In Mythos, Stephen Fry talks about different Greek myths in a fun and easy to follow manner. It is both entertaining as educational, as you are taken into the myths instead of just being given a dry explanation.  I love this approach and just how well written Mythos is.

If you are just the tiniest bit interested in Greek myths, I think you will really like this book. I absolutely love and recommend it to everybody! Mythos as become my new all time favourite book.

And look it has pictures (lol)

Stephen Fry has already enriched the world by writing a sequal, called Heroes. And as you might have guessed this book concerns myths about the Greek heroes. I am very excited to start reading it, but I am currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. So expect to see a review on that book as well.

Have you read Mythos yet? And if so, what did you think of it?

And, what are you reading now?

Love Life,


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