Lush Refillable Lipstick: a Review


Ready for another makeup review?! I have tested out the refillable lipstick from Lush and in this article I talk about their refill lipstick concept and my opinion on the lipstick formula.

I bought the refill lipstick in the shade Dubai and in the picture below you can see the packaging in which it arrived. It looks very simple, but chic. FYI a refill lipstick is priced at €11.50.

On the packaging it is explained how you put the lipstick in the lipstick holder. However, I found this difficult to understand, so I watched this helpful video.

This is what the refill lipstick looks like, when you take it out of the packaging, it is the lipstick covered in wax. But I will take you through the process of actually putting the lipstick in a lipstick holder.

So, it is actually really simple.

Step 1. Peel the black “handle”that sticks out on the bottom upward until you completely remove it. The refill should look like the middle picture below.

Step 2. Carefully peel the rest of the black wax off.

Step 3. Then take the packaging/holder you want to put the lipstick in. This can be an old one from any other brand that you emptied (if necessary) or cleaned.

I bought the lipstick holder (€8.95) that Lush offers, so of course I put the lipstick in here. This holder is partially made out of recycled aluminium.

Step 4. Push or turn the packaging/holder of the lipstick as high as possible.

Step 5. Then push the refill in the holder.

As you can see, a tiny bit of the lipstick smudged on the holder.

Step 6. Peel of the remaining wax.

And then you have your Lush lipstick! (Which you can buy also as a normal lipstick btw in packaging made out of recycled plastic, if you don’t want to go through these steps)

The lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free and contains really nice ingredients like Jojoba-oil and broccoli seed oil. This makes the lipstick hydrating. And this is also what gives the lipstick a sheer and glossy-like finish.

In the picture below you see two swatches, one applying the lipstick just once (lower swatch) and one for which I build the lipstick up (upper swatch).

I actually really like this colour and finish! The red has this nice orange tint to it, which is gorgeous. Also, the colour looks a bit darker when applied on the lips.

However, there are some slight disadvantages to this lipstick formula. For one, due to the hydrating ingredients the lipstick is not long lasting and transfers. During the day I would have to reapply this lipstick around 5 times, depending on what I eat or drink. Moreover, the lipstick has a slight gritty sensation.

So, final thoughts the concept of this lipstick range is environmentally-friendly and actually good for your lips. But because of this the quality of the lipstick is not as good as I am used to in terms of lasting power and texture. Nevertheless, I do see me wearing this lipstick formula a lot during the winter as my lip dry out quite badly. And actually really want to get a nude! This time I will use an (very) old lipstick holder/packaging.

Additionally, I actually find the price for the refill at €11.50 pretty good, as of course sustainable products tend to be higher in price.

Love Life,


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