Berlin in pictures


Earlier this month I visited Berlin and the hipster / millennial in me wanted to create a lil’ travel blogpost. Expect to see a lot of pictures of me standing in front of architecture.

We stayed in Berlin for five days, which I think was a great amount of time to discover the city while also taking some time to relax! We arrived in the afternoon at our hotel in Kurfürstendamm and after taking a little walk I was able to convince my boyfriend to go to the Sephora at Alexanderplatz! Later we walked to the Hackesher Markt, here you can find some nice restaurants and street music artists.

On our second day in Berlin we visited the best highlights of Berlin.

My favourite part of this day was visiting the Holocaust monument. This sounds really weird, but this monument is sort of a playground in the best way it can be. It brought so many emotions loose. It is gorgeous.

I do not recommend to go to Checkpoint Charlie as this was just one big circus and epicenter of tourists.

The day after we went to Potsdam, which is just outside of Berlin. Here we spent most of our time in Park Sanssouci where you can visit a couple of palaces and the University of Potsdam. We didn’t go in the buildings, but my they are pretty.  The rest of Potsdam is as well btw 🙂 This was my favourite day of the trip as everything was so pretty and I had the most amazing curry noodles at Chi Keng.

On our last full day in Berlin we went to the museum island, which has some beautiful neoclassical buildings! We visited the Neues museum, because it has a nice artifacts from the ancient Egyptians. The rest of the day we strolled around the city.

And that was my summary of my trip to Berlin!

Love Life,


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