Lookfantastic August Box Review


A bit later than I wanted to post this article, but I guess late is better than never. I know it is not August anymore and I have already received the September Lookfantastic box, but here are my reviews on the products I received last month.


The August box contains:

  • The Herb infused sheet mask by Natura worth 4.95 pounds.
  • The ‘The rituals of holi’body cream by Rituals worth 6.90 pounds.
  • The Beauty blur skin tone optimizer in latte by Vita liberata worth 12.00 pounds.
  • The Heatwave highlighting palette by Bellápierre worth 29.99 pounds.
  • The 737 tapered highlighter brush by Luxie worth 26.50 pounds.
  • The Luscious lip stain in holiday getaway by Doucce worth 11.95 pounds.

That is a total worth of 92.29 pounds!

First of, the Herb infused sheet mask by Natura. This sheet mask has a very strong botanical scent. Normally I like scents like this, however the scent of this mask is too strong for me. Nevertheless, after using this mask my skin felt hydrated and made my pores less visible. But I would not purchase this mask.


The Ritual of holi body cream by Rituals is an okay body cream. It does what it should do, so yeah I don’t have a lot to say about it. The scent is based on floral notes and grapefruit. I personally LOVE the scent of grapefruit, but for me the floral notes were a bit too heavy and sweet. I would have loved a more grapefruit and therefore a fresh, citric scent.

On to the Beauty blur skin tone optimizer in latte by Vita liberata. This product had the wrong description in the booklet that comes with the box. It stated that it is a tanning product for the face, so I was a bit scared to try it out. Especially since the product itself did not mention anything like that. Therefore I looked up the product and it happened to be a tinted primer.

What I like about this product is that it already covers most of the redness of my imperfections and that it slightly moisturizes the skin. Additionally, it helps with making my makeup look nice for a longer period of time than when I do not use primer. So, I like this product!


The Heatwave highlighting palette by Bellápierre contains 5 highlighters. These are probably all the natural shades of highlight you would need. I really like the formula of these highlighters as they are easy to build up. Plus they look gorgeous!



This is the 737 tapered highlighter brush by Luxie. It is a beautiful brush. But what I like about this bush is that you can really pack your highlighter on, while I find that a fan brush creates a more subtle look. I wish the shape of the brush was a bit smaller, so you would be able to apply highlighter a bit more precise.

The last product in the box is the Luscious lip stain in holiday getaway by Doucce. This lip stain has a bit of a weird smell and taste when you apply it, but luckily this disappears within 5 minutes after application. I do have grown to really like this lip stain as it lasts all day (!!!!!) and it is a gorgeous colour.


Love Life,


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